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Drogenhandel und Terrorismus in Nordirland

Drogenhandel finanziert die Gewalt auf beiden Seiten im Nordirlandkonflikt, entweder durch Beteiligung am Handel selbst oder durch Erhebung von "Schutzgeldern" von Drogenhändlern.
"At a Scottish drugs conference last year, an RUC officer told delegates that up to 60 per cent of the funding for Loyalist paramilitaries, such as the Ulster Defence Force and Ulster Volunteer Force, now come from drugs. Couriers, he claimed, make regular trips to Scotland to collect and deliver drugs." "Meanwhile, the RUC considers the IRA-backed Direct Action Against Drugs to be no more than a front, which executes known dealers, not out of some sense of social obligation, but to eliminate the competition. The important question is, as the IRA tighten their grip on Northern Ireland's drug scene - ceasefire or not - will Irish dealers move into the mainland market?"
Zitat: "In the weeks before he was shot dead by the IRA on February 11th last, the Belfast drug-dealer Brendan Campbell had told anyone prepared to listen to him that the IRA was out to get him because he would not pay it protection money.",8816,29993,00.html
"The more skeptical, if unproven, speculation is that in some areas the real purpose is to assert control over the drug trade by publicly punishing alleged small-time dealers while ignoring the big ones--for a fee. Vincent McKenna, a former I.R.A. member turned human rights campaigner, believes he knows exactly what happened in that Newry bar. "There is no question why Brendan was murdered: he would not pay protection money to the I.R.A.," says McKenna."

Sunday Times: IRA 'Given Drug Cash' To Train Guerrillas [07.10.2001]

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